• Male Face Stamp set, includes all the parts to build up a masculine face, there are open eyes, with coordinating lashes, top and bottom. 

    The iris has been broken up into layers to make stamping the perfect eye colour totally personal. There are two pupils' included a large or small. The lips too have been broken into steps, with three styles giving added poseability. There are three nose options with the bridge. A pair of ears and two styles of eyebrows. There are texture images to add a subtle stubble too. (pic.3)


    The images are all separate for more stamping variations., this is a fun set to help you achieve lots of different looks! Why not compliment this set with it's coordinating Mixed Media templates to help build a whole portrait... as seen in the sample pictures.
    There are quite a few portrait hairstyles, and you will only need one Head & torso template to help build the face, as it's the base for each style. Just imagine the fun you can have creating actual dolls, mixed media art, and cards.

    Male Face Stamp Set

    • Measures approximately ~ Width x Height


      • Open eyes ~ 2cm(3/4") x 0.6cm(1/4")
      • Eyebrows ~ 2.5cm(1") x 0.6cm(1/4")
      • Ear ~ 1cm(3/8") x 3cm(1 1/8")


      • Open eyes ~ 2.5cm(1") x 1cm(3/8")
      • Eyebrows ~ 3.5cm(1 2/8") x 1cm(3/8")
      • Ears ~ 1.5cm(1/2") x 4.5cm(1 3/4")